Spezialisierte Wirtschaftskanzlei.
Rechtsberatung für die Digitale Wirtschaft.
Lösungen für Plattformen, Portale, Online-Händler, Hosting Anbieter, Cloud-Dienste, App Entwickler und Agenturen.
12 Jahre Erfahrung und Expertise im IT-Recht.
Persönlich und Partnerschaftlich.
Büro im Düsseldorfer Medienhafen.
Büro in der Medienstadt Köln.

Internet Law – Professor Frank Tapella, Dusseldorf


Internet law crosses many disciplines within the practice of law. Online businesses can be affected by areas of the law, which in turn have their legal basis in a wide range of legislation. Areas of the internet that have great
economic importance include

E-Commerce is primarily regulated by contract law and laws regulating general terms and conditions, mail order
sales, telecommunications, and international privacy rights. Our range of services for domestic and foreign companies and start-ups include:

- legal advice when planning online shops, services, portals, IT projects and apps;

- design and review of websites from a legal perspective;

- design and review of your general terms and conditions, privacy policies and information requirements

- design, review and negotiation of contracts with customers and suppliers, e.g. for IT infrastructure

- appraisal of concrete legal issues, for example, the applicability of national law, eligibility for database protections, etc.

- trademark research and registration

Whether an ad is permitted online is largely defined by laws ensuring a competitive marketplace. Our range of
services for companies and agencies include:

- advice on all forms of online advertising and affiliate marketing;

- advice on electronic direct marketing by email, newsletters and SMS

- appraisal of concrete legal issues, for example, the legality of blocking advertising-related content on video

Legal questions about digital and protected works concerning not only movies, TV series, computer games, music and software, but also texts and pictures are determined primarily by copyright law. Our services for cloud and file hosting services, their users, and copyright holders include:

- advice and representation of service providers when faced with petitions for injunctive relief, damages and
information from copyright holders

- advice on preventing breach of intellectual property rights and liability risks

- appraisal of concrete legal issues, for example, liability for infringements caused by third parties

- advice and representation for users when faced with petitions for injunctive relief and damages in file sharing

- advice and representation for legal injury to the client's images

Accordingly, these areas are the main subjects of our office in Dusseldorf's Medienhafen.