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Rechtsberatung für die Digitale Wirtschaft.
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12 Jahre Erfahrung und Expertise im IT-Recht.
Persönlich und Partnerschaftlich.
Büro im Düsseldorfer Medienhafen.
Büro in der Medienstadt Köln.

Prof. Dr. jur. Frank Tapella


Vita | Prof. Dr. jur. Frank Tapella

  • Since 2010: Professor at the Cologne Business School - CBS
  • 2005-2009: Managing Partner of GfRM - Gesellschaft für Recht und Marketing, Cologne
  • 2003-2005: Doctorate at the University of Vienna (with distinction)
  • 2003: Establishment of the law firm in Cologne
  • University studies of law and legal traineeship in Frankfurt am Main, Münster, Essen and Düsseldorf
  • Correspondence languages: German, English (C1)

Training courses

  • Intensive course on trademark and copyright law
  • Seminar on competition process law
  • Lecture events on current issues of industrial property protection
  • Specialized legal course on banking and capital markets law

Memberships and pro bono work

  • Advisory Board of the e-center - European Center for E-Commerce and Internet Law
  • Member of GRUR e.V. - German Association for Industrial Property Protection and Copyright
  • Member of Rotary


Recht der Direktwerbung - Zulässigkeit und Ansprüche für alle modernen Werbeformen in Deutschland und Österreich, 2008, 224 S., Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, ISBN 978-3-8329-3339-5 (In association with the facultas.wuv publishing house, ISBN 978-3-7089-0226-5)

When running a direct advertisement campaign through mailings, phone calls, faxes, e-mails and newsletters, it is necessary to observe certain legal prerequisites in order to advertise in conformity with the law. The book lists all prerequisites as well as all potential claims resulting from infringing advertisement for all media in Germany and Austria.

Specialist article in: Leitfaden Dialogmarketing: Das kompakte Wissen der Branche, 09/ 2008, 536 S., marketing-BöRSE GmbH, ISBN 978-3000239250

Dialog marketing is more than just a dialog with customers via letters. The mailing needs to be complemented with additional measures, because only the right media mix can achieve a lasting impact. The new digital technologies bring change: The online dialog is gaining in importance and the Social Web imposes new rules.

Contribution in: Innovation und internationale Rechtspraxis, Praxisschrift für Wolfgang Zankl, 09/2009, 1073 S., facultas.wuv Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7089-0458-0

The fact that “legal problems do not arise in the lecture hall" was expressed pointedly by Wolfgang Zankl in an interview emphasizing the importance of practice for legal education. A wealth of information, all taken from real-life practice and including specialist articles, opinion polls and interviews, conveys a comprehensive cross-section view of modern legal life. The focus here is placed on civil-law contributions in and around the topics of e-commerce, data protection law and Internet law.

You can find further specialist articles by Prof. Tapella online here.